Union vision:

A scientific incubator for human communication in order to provide consultations and scientific and knowledge studies that meet the needs of Afro-Asian universities according to the needs of societies and to achieve comprehensive sustainable development.

Union message:

The construction of a scientific entity that expresses unity, integration and cooperation between the universities of the two continents, characterized by the spirit of one team and a supportive partnership for the exchange of competencies and scientific expertise to create a scientific environment that stimulates creativity, excellence and innovation.

Achieving global scientific and cultural leadership by extending bridges of communication between members of the Federation and scientific bodies and institutions to meet the requirements of contemporary reality and the renaissance, advancement and unity of the two continents in the scientific, research and knowledge fields and to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship.

Union goals:

The Union seeks to achieve the following objectives (in addition to what was agreed upon in the draft project for the establishment of the Union):

Contribute to the formation, development and dissemination of contemporary human knowledge and civilization, and the consolidation of interest in specialized scientific and academic studies and research in order to closely combine tradition and modernity.

Building and extending bridges of communication between university presidents, intellectuals, thinkers and decision makers to serve education at all stages and levels and knowledge in all its fields and branches.

Establishing a university that expresses unity and integration among the members of the union and has a contribution to the exchange of knowledge and meets the needs in different disciplines and opens its doors to the able and the unable from the people of both continents under the name “Afro-Asian University”

Establishing institutes, academies and research centers with the aim of increasing expertise and skills in specific disciplines.

Caring for future political, economic, social and cultural studies related to Africa and Asia.

Encouraging scientific research and creativity and raising its level to serve and develop societies.

Working to find quality standards in line with international standards in order to improve the quality and efficiency of higher education in Africa and Asia.

The union's sponsorship of joint scientific projects and research among the members of the union and providing the necessary facilities.

Keeping abreast of developments in information and communication technology and employing them in administration and academic programs in terms of content, teaching methods, and assessment.

Providing a database for the university educational sector in Africa and Asia with the aim of improving and developing the outcomes of the university educational process.

Implementing comprehensive programs to build the institutional capacities of universities in order to enable them to run their businesses efficiently and competently and to have financial and administrative systems for self-reliance.

Strengthening cooperation relations with global and regional bodies and organizations related to the objectives and work of the Union.

13. Cooperation in the development and modernization of curricula and curricula that keep pace with contemporary reality and the requirements of the labor market, and strive to equalize programs