Federation Membership:

Membership in the federation is optional, and affiliation and participation in it is accepted according to specific criteria formulated by the constituent body, and ensuring an appropriate balance. Among the most important criteria are: the field of influence, jurisdiction, geographical distribution, and giving. It takes into account maintaining a distinct qualitative level, and is consistent with the objectives, function and needs of the federation as a scientific, knowledge and academic forum for intellectual dialogue. Scientific research and consultancy.

This membership includes universities, institutes, institutions, academies, scientific centers and whoever the General Secretariat deems appropriate to implement the Union's policies and objectives.

Membership is accepted upon completion and fulfillment of the required papers and payment of the financial obligation.

The approval of the Executive Council on the admission decision of the member with the approval of one-third of the members of the Council

The member exercises the duties of membership as soon as he is notified in writing of the acceptance of membership. All members of the federation are equal in all rights and duties, and membership continues unless it withdraws from it by a notification submitted to the Executive Council one full year prior to withdrawal.

If a member performs actions that harm the union, whether from the cooperating constituent body or its affiliates, or does not perform the obligations stipulated by the union’s system or its executive regulations, he will be addressed and warned to stop these actions and return to performing his obligations in accordance with the union’s rules and regulations. His order is for the members of the Executive Council, which has the right to freeze membership by a two-thirds majority of the Council, and if the member does not fulfill his obligations after freezing his membership for a year, the order to cancel his membership shall be presented to the members of the Executive Council at the next meeting or written to them to decide whether to withdraw membership from him, and in this case he shall perform The member shall have all obligations towards the federation until the decision is issued, and he loses all his rights related to the federation’s membership from the date of the council’s decision.

The Executive Council has the right to decide on membership applications for scientific societies and institutions that engage in extracurricular or pre-university scientific activities to obtain membership as a worker or observer, based on a recommendation submitted by the General Secretariat for approval before submitting it to the General Conference for final approval.

Conditions for membership in the Association of Afro-Asian Universities:

The right to membership in the Federation of Afro-Asian Universities shall be for all public and private universities, higher institutes, higher education institutions, scientific research institutions, institutions and associations interested in education and studies in Asia and Africa.

• Submit an official application and attach it with the form prepared for this.

• Submit copies of papers and documents proving its official accreditation and its scientific, research and academic practice.

• Writing a declaration stating the commitment to the union system and its executive regulations.

Undertaking to perform all the obligations stipulated in the Federation’s bylaw, including the payment of the membership subscription, as follows:

University membership fees of (1000) Euros or its equivalent in local currencies for the members of the Federation annually.

Institutes membership fees (500) euros or its equivalent in local currencies for members of the union annually .

Membership fees for institutions, associations and research centers (300) euros or its equivalent in local currencies for members of the union annually.

It is not allowed to accept the membership of any scientific, research or academic body based on a political, sectarian, partisan, sectarian or racist system or that calls for violence and hatred.